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I'm a freelance artist residing from Pennsylvania. I love all forms of art and expression, though I'm best at the visual arts.

A lot of the manic fuel for the fire comes from my mental "disorders". I've been struggling through a panic disorder since age 18 and depression since age 12. As cliche' as it sounds, working on art has saved me from a worse fate. There is darkness in my work, but there is also a humor to it, a spark of life.

My portraits of musicians are pretty indicative of the inspiration I derive from music. I love the rebellious spirit of rock n roll. I love the rush of emotions a good song can give you. I can't create one for shit, but I admire and envy those who can. Some of my inspiration comes from bands such as Molly Angst, Nirvana, Hole, Tori Amos, Dresden Dolls, Bright Eyes. Any band who have songs that move me.

In my "crafy grrl" section you can see my penchant for the DIY movement and hand crafted things in general.

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