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This is the section for all my crafty goodness. Most of this is for experimentation and fun. Below are the various sections of what I've done. Click on an image to launch a new window with a full view size.

Bookmarks, Cards, Paper Crafts

Card made with marker and moonstone gems.

Redhead card
Card made with marker and gemstones.

candycane card
Card made with marker and black tulle.

elf card
Card made with marker and gem stones.

Blue Lady Card
Card made with cardstock, magazine photocopy, colored pencil, felt tipped pen, and ribbon.

Set of painted bookmarks given as gifts.

bookmark for becca
Painted bookmark with tassle made at the request of a friend.

watercolor flower painting in sectioned frame. Given as a gift.

Mermaid shadowbox. Made from a pen and colored pencil drawing and painted seashells in a shadowbox.

"Blood Roses" 4 X 6 inch art print mounted on hand finished 5 1/4 X 7 inch wood block.

Painted Keepsake Boxes, Wood/Paper Mache Crafts

Sleeping In The Sky". Wodden box with jewels, fabric paint, acrylic paint, and lacquer.

moontear box
Paper mache box painted with acrylic, decorated with tear jewels, and lacquered.

bettypaige box
Betty Paige Box- painted in red glitter acrylic and lined in leopard felt.

Celestian CD Rack
Wooden CD rack painted with acrylic and decorated with a paper mache moon. Given as a gift.

Paper mache box painted with acrylic and lacquered. Given as a gift.

Bright Eyes themed box- paper mache box painted in acrylic with Conor Oberst photos paper mached on.


Jewelry, Hair Clips, And Other Miscellany

misc charms
Miscellaneous charms- painted gun with red hearts and seahorse with red gemstone eyes.

Hair clip made from a seashell, red jewels, and acrylic paint.

Black and pink gun gun clips- painted with acrylic.

Cosplay style headpiece made for a halloween costume. Made of lace, fake roses, ribbon, and cotton.

Bracelet made of wooden beads painted in acrylic and glass beads. Given as a gift.

Lace and ribbon necklace- cream painted wooden beads with lace on ribbon necklace.

Shell Clip- seashell painted with fabric paint and decorated with pink jewels.

Skullie bows- pink pinstripe/tulle bows with skulls in the center. The skulls have pink jewel eyes.

Whale clips- Wooden whales painted with fabric paint with jewel eyes mounted on turquoise clips.

My first attempt at faerie wings! Made with fabric paint, stockings, wire, velvet ribbon,, and gems,